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Everything you ever wanted to know about Spira Care and then some.

This offering is crafted for members looking to simplify and personalize their healthcare experience. If you and your family’s health needs in the next year will largely fall within primary care, including routine labs, digital X-rays* and routine behavioral health consultations, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing Spira Care, where you’ll have the support of a Care Team and assistance with any services needed outside the Care Center and in your plan's network.

*X-rays are available at select locations only, must be ordered by a Spira Care provider and are at no additional cost to members.

Spira Care offers the convenience of on-site service for a limited number of select generic prescriptions. This service is intended to get you started on your medication as soon as possible based on a primary care need discussed in your visit. These prescriptions are offered at your regular copay or deductible level and can be paid for using a credit card and picked up during your appointment. Any refills will be set up through convenient mail order or at your preferred pharmacy.

If you are written a prescription by a Spira Care physician that cannot be filled at a Spira Care Center, the Care Team will facilitate prescription services through convenient mail order or at your preferred pharmacy at your regular cost-sharing level. We only fill prescriptions ordered by Spira Care physicians.

You have access to your plan’s network within the Kansas City metro area and the national BlueCard network when traveling outside the 32-county service area. For emergency situations, you are covered both in and out of your plan’s network. Services beyond Spira Care (for example, a visit to a specialist or an emergency room) are subject to a person’s plan deductible.

While the plan is ideal for members who utilize the Care Centers members still have access to all providers in their plan’s network. Many families enjoy the convenient benefits and integrated services offered at Spira Care including adult and pediatric primary care. Families also have access to a team of Care Guides for care and coverage questions.

To ensure the best member experience, you need to schedule an appointment for all care needs. This includes wellness check-ups, physicals, sick care, chronic condition management, immunizations, medical management and refills.

In the event a Care Center is at capacity, we will work with you on an alternative solution such as availability at another Care Center or finding an option in your plan’s network (subject to your deductible).

Schedules vary by Care Center.

Yes, there are plans to expand Spira Care as our membership grows, adding more convenient Care Centers throughout the metro area in both Kansas and Missouri.

Your health coverage through any of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City plans, including Spira Care and Spira Care (HSA Eligible), cannot be used for an on-the-job or work-related injury or illness. However, you may have access to workers’ compensation, insurance paid for by your employer, which may provide monetary benefits and/or medical care coverage for a work related injury or illness. Please speak with your human resource representative for more information.

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