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Employer-Based Plans

Blue KC offers quality, affordable health plan options for employers with exclusive access to Spira Care, including two HSA-eligible plans. Learn why more and more companies are choosing these unique employer-based plans.

Spira Care

Spira Care provides a simplified healthcare experience based on a combined care and insurance offering developed by Blue KC. This comprehensive, integrated care includes health plans by Blue KC with no deductibles, no copays*, and no additional cost for any procedures you may receive at the Care Centers.

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  • No copays, no deductibles and no additional costs for procedures at the Care Centers*
  • Labs and X-rays** at the Care Centers included
  • Access to a team of Care Guides
  • Convenient Care Center locations around the KC metro

*For Spira Care members, there are no additional costs for any procedure provided at Spira Care Centers, but select prescriptions will be offered on-site at your regular copay level.

**X-rays are available at select locations only, but are at no additional cost to members.

Spira Care (HSA Eligible)

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a very important plan offering for many people. That's why Blue KC offers HSA-eligible plans with exclusive access to Spira Care. This simple, predictable option provides affordable, convenient Care Center visits paired with a Health Savings account. A member will incur an affordable charge for an office visit at Spira Care. Once a member has met their deductible any future healthcare needs at a Spira Care Center are at no additional cost.

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  • Use tax-free HSA dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses
  • Have part of your pre-tax earnings deposited into an HSA
  • Save up for future medical expenses
  • Unused HSA funds roll over each year and follow you for life
  • Access to a team of Care Guides
  • Convenient Care Center locations around the KC metro

Guide to Spira Care Services

Blue KC members enrolled in an employer-based plan with exclusive access to Spira Care can download a copy of the Spira Care member booklet.

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Understanding Coverage

For all primary care needs, including disease prevention and behavioral health consultations, members can visit any of our Care Center locations. For all other care, including specialty care, Spira Care members have access to high-quality doctors, hospitals, and other providers through the BlueSelect Plus network. Select your employer-based plan type below to learn more about your network.

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