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We've got your back

When you have questions, our Care Guides have answers. They're personal guides, many with nursing and benefit backgrounds, to support you on your health journey. Here’s some of the things your Care Guide will do for you.

Understanding Costs

Your doctor has prescribed a blood test and a CT scan. But how much will those things cost? And where should you go for them? Your Care Guide can provide you with answers to all these questions so you can make smart healthcare choices for you, and your wallet.

Coordinating Care

You need to see a specialist in your plan's network, and you would like help making an appointment. A Care Guide can help with that. What's more, a Care Guide can help navigate all your different appointment options, from in-person healthcare to virtual care. Here’s a look at just some of what your Care Guide can help with.

  • Defining the specialty care needed
  • Finding specialists and other outside care providers
  • Coordinating and making appointments
  • Understanding the insurance coverage and benefits for outside care
  • Facilitate communication between specialist office and patient

Explaining Benefits

It’s time to see a specialist. But this care will be received outside of the Care Center. So naturally you have questions about how much it will cost, have you reached your annual deductible and what specialists are in your plan's network. Have no fear, your Care Guide is here for answers to all your benefit questions.

Your One and Only Call

Who can offer an explanation of benefits, answer questions about fees and more? Your personal Care Guide. Simply make one call to one phone number, and he or she will take it from there. As part of the Care Center's team, your Care Guide is here to meet all of your insurance needs and is dedicated to simplifying your health journey. What’s more, our Care Guides have nursing or benefits backgrounds, which makes them perfect advocates for members’ health.

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